FCC smacks Comcast for hiding standalone broadband option

The Cable companies just love to sell bundled services for a major reason.it makes them buckets of money, but Comcast last year an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission that actively promote an affordable standalone broadband option for customers as a condition of the possibility purchase of NBC Universal. 
It seems that Comcast does not meet the end of the bargain, because the FCC has hit the company with a $ 800,000 fine for allegedly making it difficult for consumers to be cheap standalone broadband plan to find. The FCC said in a statement that Comcast "is not adequate standalone broadband services marketing. "

In addition to paying its $ 800,000 fine, Comcast will agree to continue offering cheap broadband-alone plan by at least February 21, 2015, a year longer than in the original agreement.

Severe weather warnings to be sent directly to smartphones

The National Weather Service will begin sending severe weather warnings for smartphone owners in the path of a dangerous storm.
This new Emergency NWS Wireless Alarm system would be able to warn Americans about the weather to come, even if they do not watch television or listen to the radio. The system will tell people about approaching tornadoes, hurricanes, typhoons, tsunamis, flash floods, extreme winds, snow and ice storms and dust storms.

Warning will come in the form of free text messages to be no more than 90 characters and will be sent to the "late-model smartphone" later will sound a special alert and vibrate.

Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will offer a nationwide service, while AT & T will only be offered in New York City, Washington, DC and Portland, Oregon. AT & T says it has plans to add additional markets in the future. Apple will support this service this fall, although it is not clear whether the older iPhone models will be supported.

Apple iTunes to be revamped

ITunes is clearly a huge moneymaker, both the Apple and the music is about industry.So rest assured that Apple will bring a lot of thought and planning when it comes time to upgrade to the popular platform.
According to AppleInsider, Apple is working on one of the biggest revamps iTunes ever seen, and closer integration iCloud expected.
The new iTunes Store goes live on the end of 2012, allowing users to seamlessly access multiple local and cloud-based digital content such as music and video.

"[The new iTunes] contains the amendments to its users find the new material, and how to access what you already own the various Apple devices".

Apple is also expected that the new iTunes music sharing service. Various reports suggest that Cupertino has started negotiations with record companies in order to allow users to send songs to friends. This feature is potentially meaningful to both the Apple and the record labels, it allows users to share a limited amount of content to encourage friends to purchase songs or albums directly from iTunes.

It is worth noting that Apple is trying to add social features to the Music Store Shopping in the past. However, the platform is essentially a failure, the viewers are waiting for the service industry will disappear in the next version of iTunes.