Fingerprint Car Security System

Cars that are broken or stolen is not even rare, especially in areas where there is more inclined to rough areas, but it can happen anywhere, and often there seems to be precious little you can do this. The security system of fingerprint of your car as safe as possible, only those whose fingerprints allow the system to the car.

So you need to fingerprint and car keys and even a car thief if your car keys in the car will not start: This makes it easy to re-secure. If you install a GSM SIM card into the machine, it will send a text message letting you know if someone hit your car or breaks into or tried to enter by force.

This system of fingerprint identification and other built in security feature, you can send text commands can either turn off your cell phone, some features, as well as the needs arise. For example, if the car needs repair, you can disable the system of fingerprint scanner, so it can operate without needing to access the security system.

Emergencies can disable or even enable the security system: If someone tries to enter the car, it sounds high alert. Of course, if someone held a gun to the head, there is little you can do.

The product does not appear to be complex functions (fitness), and many useful features at a very reasonable price of about £ 135.

A problem, what could be, if this system does not recognize the driver's own fingerprint as sometimes happens in the fingerprint authentication.

In addition, the determined thief may be able to bypass the brake system. But in any case be the phone call, send text messages and you, if there is no force us out of the car.

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